dry hands grip aid





  • some days natural grip just doesn’t cut it!
  • dry hands is the most widely used pole dancing grip aid
  • accepted grip aid for most pole competitions
  • does not leave residue on apparatus after cleaning with alcohol

great for:

  • clammy or sweaty hands and other grip points
  • combat hot days in the practice room
  • additional security when trying advanced tricks
  • competition night

how to use:

  • apply a small amount to hands
  • rub over fingers & palms
  • apply to other problem grip points¬†(elbows, back of knees, shoulders, or inner highs)
  • apply a little to the apparatus
  • reapply throughout training session as needed

content & care:

  • ingredients: sd alcohol 40, silica, methyl glycol, phenyl trimethicone, cyclomethicone
  • external use only
  • avoid contact with eyes
  • discontinue if irritation occurs
  • keep out of reach of children
  • store in cool dry place
  • contents flammable: do not expose to flame